Statister søkes! – til innspilling av 1. maitog til filmen MANA.

Location: Folkets Hus, Løkkeveien 22, 4008 Stavanger

Vi skal filme et tradisjonelt 1. maitog i Stavanger 18. juni fra 11 til 4. Toget inngår i filmen MANA som kommer ut i 2018.

About Statister søkes!

Vi skal filme et tradisjonelt 1. maitog i Stavanger 18. juni fra 11 til 4. Toget inngår i filmen MANA som kommer ut i 2018.

Jeg ønsker å vise hvor jeg er fra og hva jeg holder kjært i filmen min. 1. maitoget har alltid vært en sentral del av meg, det representerer verdier som solidaritet, menneskeverd og kjærlighet. Jeg ønsker sterkt å skildre denne delen av min kulturelle bakgrunn på en måte som hedrer den lange tradisjonen.

Why you should support Statister søkes!

Hjelp oss å skape en storslått scene i Stavanger for et internasjonalt publikum. Møt opp utenfor Folkets Hus i Stavanger, fra 11.00 til 16.00.

Spillefilmen MANA har et internasjonalt mannskap og store ambisjoner. MANA handler om en norsk pokerspiller i New York som må redifinere sitt liv etter en konfrontasjon med byens kriminelle underverden. Det er en film om valget mellom solidaritet og individuell frigjøring.

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Project Runner

MANA – a film by Eirik Forus

We are making a motion picture called MANA which takes place in Stavanger, New York and Aruba.
It is a personal story about winning and losing, a story I have been working on for a long time.
I am in need of a lot of help to make this dream come through and I believe I can also offer a lot with this project.
Come take part in this quest with us!

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Møt Teamet

Eirik Forus – Director, writer and producer

(b.1978) graduated in 2012 with a Master of Fine Arts from New York University Tisch School of the Arts. His thesis film “Saltwater Fruit” won the award for best manuscript during the Grimstad Short Film Festival in 2012 in Norway. In addition to his studies at NYU, Forus has also studied at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the University of Stavanger as well as at the University of Bergen.

Contact me:

Telephone: +47 457 70 833

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Liam Brady – Producer

Liam is an Irish and American filmmaker born in San Francisco, California. He trained at NYU with some of cinema’s
most important figures, and holds a BA and MA from Stanford University. In 2012, Liam co-founded Seed&Spark, the innovative crowd funding and distribution platform for independent film, where he worked as Chief Operating Officer. Since 2015, he has produced and directed 18 television ads which have aired thousands of time on American television including prime time, and justified nearly $2mill in total media spend.

Contact me:

Telephone: +47 456 80 733

Eszter Csepeli – Director of Photography

Eszter participated in the Cannes Film Festival in the Short Films Competition (Official Selection, 2014) as DoP for the film “The Execution” (A kivégzés) by Petra Szőcs. She trained in Hungary with Matyas Erdely, DoP for 2017 Cannes Grand Prix winner SON OF SAUL, which also won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. Eszter graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Fi lm (Budapest) in 2010. In 2009 she was awarded with the highest national cinematography award at the Goldeneye Cinematography Festival.

Fredrik Holmen Lillegraven – Associate Producer

Fredrik H. Lillegraven works as a professional writer, director and producer in Stavanger, where he was born and raised. He graduated from California State University - Long Beach with a BA in Film Theory and Screenwriting in Spring 2016, with an "honor student" recognition for significant high grades. Fredrik has worked on commercials, music videos, short films and local film productions in Stavanger. In 2016 Fredrik won an award for a pitching competition during the film festival SHORT, and he will get the opportunity to realize his film idea with professional financial support. Fredrik has several self- written productions linked to the regional film office Filmkraft Rogaland. Fredrik Lillegraven is a member of the Norwegian Film Association and Directors Guild of Norway.

John Martin Johnsen – Business Manager

John-Martin Johnsen is partner and business manager at HÆFA AS, the Norwegian film producer of MANA. He is based in Stavanger.

John-Martin holds a bachelor degree in financial risk management and MSc in Finance from Århus School of Business, along with a year of Media and television production studies at the University in Stavanger. His international experience includes studies in Scotland, as well as a year working for Doctors Without Borders in Russia and Yemen. John-Martin has years of experience both with a number of film productions and from project performance-management and cost control in the Norwegian oil industry.

Tim Levang – Storyboard Artist

Tim works as an illustrator, graphic designer and cartoonist for Tim Levang Visuell Kommunikasjon in Stavanger, Norway. He studied at the University of the Arts, London.

Madeleine Pron – Social Media Manager

Madeleine Pron is a young media professional with a passion for storytelling and film production based in New York City. She graduated from Duke University in 2016 with a degree in English, Visual and Media Studies, and Theater. She has previously worked as a Production Assistant at Great Curve Films, Sierra/Tango Productions, and Maximón Pictures. Madeleine is French-American and is fluent in both French and English. In her free time, she enjoys writing short stories, acting, learning new languages, watching and reading creepy true-crime stories, and traveling, and has previously lived in Benin, Ghana, and Thailand.

Haakon Lastad – Gaffer

Norwegian gaffer based in Bergen.

Henriette Kristine Jacobsen – Gaffer-Assistant

Henriette Kristine Jacobsen works on motion picture and is based in Bergen.

Achim Neufeld – Still Photographer

Achim Neufeld was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He was trained in commercial studio photography before moving to the United States. During his undergraduate years, he was a Bernard Osher Scholar and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute. After gaining exposure in public broadcasting at KQED-TV, he was a Tisch Fellow for several years at the NYU Graduate Film Program. He currently lives and works in Berlin.

Isaac Bernin – First Camera Assistant

Film worker based in Malta.

Jan Erik Hagevold – Sound

Jan Erik Hagevald has an MA from NYU Steinhardt. He works on both sound design and on location sound.

Ines Veronica Ertvaag Chitussi – Production Designer

Ines has worked as production designer for several years. She did the production design on Eirik´s last film Salt Water Fruit.

Anna Haaland – Digital Manager Quest

(b1997) Graduated the drama program at Stavanger Katedralskole in 2016. She had a leading role in the short film «Hjem-skole-samarbeid: Å mestre livet» for the norwegian directory of education in 2016. (Mads Eriksen, Phantom Film). She also has experience as finance manager and actress for the youth enterprise DASK, an enterprise that offered hour rental of actors (2014-2016).

Contact me:

Telephone: 97531089

Thomas Bechmann – Behind the Scenes Producer

Thomas Bechmann was born and raised in Stavanger, Norway and studied the Bachelor of Arts and Communications at The University of Newcastle in Australia. There he wrote and directed several short films, one that won the Best Film of Students during the Shoot Out Film Festival in 2008.

He has participated in several productions in Stavanger and has recently made a behind-the-scene documentary for a music video by the Stavangerkameratene, and wrote and directed "Revers", a new short film supported by Filmkraft Rogaland.

Maria Aano Reme – Adviser